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About Australian Liners & Tanks

Australian Liners and Tanks recognise the importance of securing your stored water. Water is very valuable resource, and its catchment can be very difficult at times. Therefore it is a necessity to protect the water you do capture in a safe, strong and leak proof water tank.

Over the years we have designed and fabricated thousands of liners to suit all types of tanks. Our team are very experienced and fully understand the consequences of a liner failure. We can weld on site which not only ensues a great fit but also a liner that does not leak.

Why Choose
Australian Liners
& Tanks?

Fletcher Stiles, owner and principal installer at Australian Liners & Tanks, has over 15 year experience in both manufacturing and installing tank liners.

We accurately measure every domestic and commercial tank with a laser. From this data a new tank liner can be manufactured to the exact size and shape of the tank.

This process uses state of the art CAD software, with all panels precision machine cut before being welded together, ensuring superior fit.

Tank liners protect and extend the life of your assets and stops loss of water.

Australian Liners & Tanks products have earned a reputantion of quality and longevity. Our consistent focus on meeting our customer’s needs keeps us on top of the industry. The team at ALT has provided innovative solutions that include quality products and impeccable service

With our experience and broad base of clients, we are confident that we have a solution for you. Please feel free to contact us today to discuss your requirements.