Commercial Tank Liners & Industrial Tank Liners

Liners for Commercial & Industrial Storage Tanks

When it comes to safely storing large quantities of liquids, you need a tank liner that will last the distance. There is no one liner that will solve every storage challenge, you need a company with the experience and expertise to get the job done right the first time.

Our commercial grade tank liners are a series of specialised tank liners which are suitable for a wide range of industrial applications. We can install liners for small installations right up to multi-megalitre operations. View examples of our work in our gallery.

Common uses for a tank liner include:

  • firetanks
  • municipal water storage
  • agriculture industries
  • black and grey water storage
  • where contamination or corrosion is an issue

We match the tank liner to the application and our team is fully accredited for confined spaces and working at heights.

Why Choose
Australian Liners
& Tanks?

Fletcher Stiles, owner and principal installer at Australian Liners & Tanks, has over 15 year experience in both manufacturing and installing tank liners.

We accurately measure every industrial tank with a laser. From this data a new tank liner can be manufactured to the exact size and shape of the tank.

This process uses state of the art CAD software, with all panels precision machine cut before being welded together, ensuring superior fit. 

Why Choose Tank Lining?

Many other methods of sealing an industrial tank require extensive cleaning and are prone to leaking again from ground movement. With an industrial tank liner, only minimal surface preparation is needed or when needed can also be backed with a geotextile underlay. This means there is the minimal downtime during installation.

All supports, sumps, piers, steps etc can be accommodated and when the liner reaches end of life, replacing is as simple as the first install. This means industrial tank liners are a very cost effect way to restore an older industrial tank, and is quite often the chosen method.

Benefits of an industrial tank liner:

  • can be used for new and old installations
  • 10 yr warranty
  • protects the wall of the tank
  • suitable for industrial and commercial applications
  • all tank liners custom manufactured to the exact size and shape of your tank
  • extra large liners can be welded together onsite, meaning no size is too big
  • all potable tank liners are certified under AS/NZS: 4020
  • firetank liners are also certified
10-year-guarantee on all commercial & domestic tank liners

Buy With Confidence

All tank liner works are guaranteed for a minimum period of 10 years upon completion against leaking. We stand by our products and have complete confidence you will be extremely satisfied with your new tank liner.

If you would like to find out more about our long-term cost effective solutions please feel free to contact our friendly team. If you’re unsure what you need don’t worry we are happy to advise.

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